All About Using Facebook Applications


Facebook is a popular social networking site, and for good reason. It gives you the opportunity to connect with a large amount of people around the globe. You have a chance to catch up on others’ lives by viewing their photos, videos, activity, and other things. You also get the capability of showing off your latest accomplishments and events in your life. One common way people connect on Facebook is through applications, or apps. Apps allow you to play games and do other activities. You may have noticed friends asking you to allow apps in your notifications. Essentially, allowing an app permits posts and messages to go on your wall. For learning how to use these benefits, learn the basics of Facebook applications.


How to Use Apps

To access your applications, you should first log in to your Facebook account. When you go to the home page, you should see a left panel. In the middle of this section, you should see “Apps” and a list of applications you use. Click on this link to see more about your Facebook apps. You should be able to view a full list of apps you have used. Along each entry you should see a caption in the right column that indicates when was the last time you used the app.

You should also see a pencil icon right next to the listed app. When you click on the picture, you’ll be given a short list of options. For most apps, you can either “Add to Favorites,” “Edit Settings,” or “Remove App.” If you click the first option mentioned, the app will be listed under your “Favorites,” which is another tab you’ll see on the left panel of your webpage. When you click on “Edit Settings,” you’ll get a new window presenting you with options for using this app. You will be able to adjust the app’s visibiliity to others and when you’ll get notifications from the application. You’ll also be informed on what access the app has to your profile and when the app last accessed it. Feel free to make changes to the app’s capabilities so you can control what other Facebook viewers see and how often you wish to be notified about the app. Essentially, you are altering how involved you want the app to be on your Facebook account.

If you want to add a new app to your Facebook account, this is pretty straightforward. Click on the application to lead you to a new window that will appear. You’ll be informed about the app and what kind of game it is. You’ll also be allowed to customize who sees your app activity by clicking on a dropdown menu. You’ll also be told what access the app will receive. You will get the option of viewing the app’s terms of service and privacy policy. You may click “Play Game” or “Leave App” at the top. Picking the first button will let you access the application. To see what your friends can view regarding your app activity, click on your profile and browse through the page. With this information, you should now know how to master Facebook applications.

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