Stu Is Missing

***UPDATE*** Stu was hit by a car and picked up by the West Jordan animal shelter. We got his remains and have a bit of closure. It’s terribly sad that he went missing right around the same time my neighbor was trapping cats (which I have proof for) so I fully believe she trapped my two lost cats and displaced them into the community somewhere, who knows where, and they’ve been wandering looking for home ever since. And tragically, my sweet sweet Stuart passed away due to these unfortunate choices that my neighbor made. It’s not illegal to trap cats and drop them off at the shelter as part of the TNR program, but IT IS ILLEGAL to displace someone’s pet. At least once they are dropped at a shelter there’s a possibility the animal could get back home safely from microchip or lost and found websites But when they are dropped off anywhere the trapper pleases, and something BAD happens, there should be consequences. No one would like to be in my shoes, believe me.

Please help us find our loved cat Stuart! He was missing a total of 5 weeks. I’ve posted on Facebook, KSL and a few FB groups. I’m super depressed my 2 cats are missing. We also lost Blaze a day later after Stuart. Here is the link on KSL: Missing cat named Stuart.

He’s friendly, neutered, microchipped, has one green eye and one blue eye, short haired, age about 3 years old.




Please help me find our cat Stuart!

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