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Another awesome reason to add resources and links to your website is for SEO purposes. I used to work for a Marketing Company in Utah where I have had about two years experience in the beautiful world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s very interesting and quite complicated but I luckily picked it up quickly and have made strides in progress over the months. I plan on continuing learning all I can about SEO and how to better myself for my job. The simplest explanation I can give you about SEO is that you will receive a bunch more traffic to your website if you can get yourself to the top of the rankings in Search Engines for your particular keyword phrases. [I know – those are some CRAZY vocabulary words I threw out there!] And therefore, to help you get yourself to the top of the rankings, gaining backlinks from other sites is the most efficient way (from what I’ve learned so far). And because everything is very complicated and hard to understand, I use a very simplified system to manage my link exchanges, called LavaLinx. It works the best – if anyone wants to have that all-in-one link management system.