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Since I have two little boys with tons of energy to utilize, I found this cute Easter chick on Pinterest that I wanted to try to make. I needed to get all the materials first and try one out myself before letting the boys get into it. I needed small round yellow paper plates, which I found at Zurchers for pretty cheap. Then I needed little googley eyes to glue onto the plate for eyes. Luckily I already had some of those from a project leftover. I needed orange paper to cut legs and feet out of and I just went through my scrapbook paper and found some cute orange patterned paper. I needed scissors obviously and some way to glue, so I actually used Mod Podge since it’s so easy and versatile to use. I needed feathers for the arms and I found those at Zurchers as well – a whole big bag of various color feathers for something like 3 bucks.

I made one myself one night after the kids had gone to bed. It turned out pretty cute so I thought the boys could handle it. They didn’t really know how to do much of the work so I kind of did it for them. They are 2 and 4 so their fine motor skills aren’t 100% there yet. And of course I did the gluing parts with the Mod Podge since I don’t trust their little hands to get into that glue, even though it’s water-based. I had to use a ton of glue to hold the feathers on the back of the plate though. And you have to let it sit for a long time to dry before the kids get their hands on it. I let the boys pick which color feathers they wanted. My 4 yo chose purple feathers and my 2 yo chose red. I didn’t get to snap any photos of their projects unfortunately, but here’s how mine turned out.

Easter chick

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