The cards shown on this website are personalized greeting cards because I usually have the recipient in mind when creating each card. I take into account what colors and patterns they might possibly enjoy on a birthday card or thank you card. And this is the reason it takes so long to make my personalized cards. I spend a lot of time on each one and can only make so many in one sitting. I wish I had more created that I could stock-pile, but I’m not to that point yet. I hope someday I can get there. And then maybe I’ll open up ordering and set up a checkout cart for purchases.

Until then, I hope you still enjoy seeing photos of my handmade greeting cards for the people around me. And yes, I do sell the ones I make for my mother to send out. She is my loyal and only current customer. And that’s the way I like it. So far. Thanks for visiting my personalized greeting cards site!