My Half Birthday

Wow, I skipped a year in celebrating my half-birthdays. LOL. What was I thinking?!

So today I am officially 28 AND A HALF. Check me out! Yeah I’m climbin’ that age ladder alright. You betcha!

I’m still working for the same company, doing SEO, been here over 3 years, actually closer to the 4 year mark, live in the basement of my house still, alone, have created about 9 websites total, 6 are mine, have learned in leaps and bounds in the world of SEO and am thankful for my challenging job.

My sisters and brother are all married and have at least 3 kids each. My oldest sister has 2 more than 3. 🙂 In fact, she has a daughter in college now! My parents still live in California. Um, seeing babies makes me feel baby hungry. My brother and his wife and 3 boys live in the same city that I live in so I’m thankful to be able to spend time with their family often! And they have a baby boy, who makes me baby hungry. He’s got such a huge smile and he smiles with his eyes. And my 2nd oldest sister has 2 daughters and 1 baby boy who is as cute as can be! The memorable thing about him is that while he’s in the stroller and mommy is pushing it, he’ll just sit and stare at his mommy and just smile! It’s so adorable!

I still have a deep love for music and all things creative. I haven’t played the piano in over 2-3 months and I’m getting really rusty. My house is chaos from all the Provo zoning requirements they’re throwing at us. I still care for my little hamster Olly who hides out in his house about 97% of the time. I’d really love to get either a puppy or a kitty so I can cuddle with an animal. I long for that companionship from a little furry one.

And that’s about it for my random post. I think I’ll end it with: Happy Veteran’s Day! 😀 And thanks for reading my randomness. I just wanted to announce my HALF birthday. LOL.

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