Moscow Summer Holiday

Summer is the perfect time of year to travel to Russia. In this issue of the newsletter, we will focus on events in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, two of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia.

The average temperature in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the summer months is in the comfortable range of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, though short spells of much hotter weather, in the 80’s, are possible. In addition, Saint Petersburg’s northern location makes possible its famous “white nights” in June and July, when twilight is the darkest that it gets outside. The atmosphere in Saint Petersburg during the white nights is quite festive. Expect to see many people and hear music in the streets of the city, regardless of the time of night. Summer is also a time of numerous festivals, concerts, and special museum exhibitions.


The traditional Russian folk holiday Troitsa will be celebrated throughout June in all the major parks of Moscow with various craft exhibitions and musical performances.

On June 4th, 5th, and 6th, a variety of concerts and performances will take place throughout Moscow in celebration of the 200th birthday of Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin is considered Russia’s greatest poet.

On June 12th and 13th, look for major public celebrations marking the declaration of independence of the Russian republic.

Don’t miss the Moscow International Beer Festival in July of 2010, which will take place in Luzhniki Park.

Moscow’s Darwin Museum will mark the International Ecology Day on August 5th with a variety of special lectures and exhibits.

The VVTS will host an exposition of folk art in September of 2010. Make sure to also visit the exhibit on the theme of “New Technologies in the Service of Mankind,” showing at the museum at the same time.

The Expo center at the Museum of Architecture will celebrate the International Architect’s Day on September 4th, 2010. Many of the world’s leading architects will be present for the festivities.

Moscow currently boasts over 37,000 hotel rooms available for visiting tourists. Although Russian currency fluctuates, the dollar prices have remained stable over the past couple of years. You will need to have your accommodations reserved and paid for in order to obtain a visa for your trip. Allow 6-8 weeks for the planning of your itinerary and the arrangement of proper documents.

While visiting Moscow this summer, keep in mind that the city has phased out the use of metro tokens in favor of magnetically stripped cards. A card good for 60 rides costs $5, while a monthly pass that will allow you unlimited bus and subway use is $11.

Those of you planning to visit both Saint Petersburg and Moscow this summer will enjoy the newly completed improvements to the train service between the two cities. The trip will be considerably faster as well as more comfortable.

Saint Petersburg-Summer 2010

Thrifty travelers will be glad to learn that the Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked Saint Petersburg as the least expensive destination in Europe out of all the larger cities.

The International Jazz Festival “White Nights Swing” will take place in Saint Petersburg June10th-20th. The International Documentary Film Festival “Message to Man” will take place June 17th-24th. Also in June, look for the International Ballet Competition “Vaganova-Priz” and the City Festival of Street Theaters.

Traveling to the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, you will find several exciting events in the palace-park complex of Peterhof. The Festival of the Summer Season opening, which includes the ceremonial “Solemn Opening of Fountains” takes place May 29th-31st. The International Festival of Fireworks in Peterhof is in August and the Festival of the Fountains is on September 11th.

For more information on traveling to Russia this summer, we recommend the following two sources:
Russian Life Magazine.
89 Main Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602
Phone: (802) 223-4955

Moscow City Tourist Office
300 Lanidex Plaza
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: (973) 428-4709
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