Mom’s Day

I experienced my 32nd birthday yesterday. I never knew turning 32 would be so hard for a 4 and 2 year old!!! They had energy out the wazoo! Extremely hyper all day long. Very impatient. They wanted to make the birthday cake right away. Then they wanted to decorate the cake. Then they wanted to eat it right away, but it was only 1:00 in the afternoon. We need to eat dinner before we have birthday cake. I know they are still learning but please learn patience ASAP! Haha as I need to have patience with them on learning patience.

Anyway so yesterday was all about me. I don’t enjoy these birthdays in my thirties but if I must have one, then alright. We had a downer though, getting an email from the boys’ bio mom and her rude comments to my husband and I. Not fun to receive on your birthday, let’s just say that.

So today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, along with women who nurture kids who aren’t even their own. They deserve to be honored today as well. I wonder if there’s a Step-mom day? Anybody know? Today is my very first real Mother’s Day and it’s not going all that well. We went to church so the 4 yo could sing in the program for all the Mothers and he walked up, couldn’t find a spot to stand, so he came back down and refused to sing. Sad face. The boys were pretty rowdy during church, trying to walk around in places they shouldn’t, being loud when quiet is required, touching another little boy’s face in front of them, crawling on the floor, spilling the cereal treat we brought in a snack bag, not sharing the treat with each other, both going outside the main area with just me and being all crazy. I couldn’t take it. On top of all of their behavior issues today, it’s gotten hotter since it’s now summer and we don’t have our swamp cooler running just yet to cool down our house. Yesterday our house got up to 84 degrees inside and I was sweating just standing. One thing in life I hate is being hot and not getting any kind of relief. I need cool air to survive. Call me crazy, but I get very hot very quickly. So back to church today. During church I started sweating on my back and touching my back to the pew made my shirt a bit wet. Then I had to take the 2 yo out so I had to walk in public with a sweaty back and I was just mortified. I hate when things like this happen. Guess I’ll never wear this shirt again to church. I’d say today was the worst behavior from the kids during church so far plus I’m trying to listen and be uplifted while trying to hide my embarrassing back sweat. I mean, what a day! And it’s only 11:00 am!!!

The boys are supposed to spend time with their biological mom today so we’ll see how this all turns out. I dread the exchange. But I hope the kids have fun and are not sick when we get them back. Here’s to hope.

Well I hope your Mother’s Days are better than mine. I’ve already shed some tears and it’s not even noon. Beat that.

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