It’s My Half Birthday

hey everyone, it’s my half birthday today, yay. alright, can you hear the sarcasm in my tone? lol. so i just barely realized that like 5 minutes ago so it’s not like i’m waiting for this day to come. anyway, i need motivation. and i’m not sure how to get it. i’ve tried numerous ways and they haven’t worked thus far. i’ll keep trying though. so yeah anyway my day-to-day schedule feels pretty mundane and boring. nothing new happening. and work gets mundane too, doing the same thing over and over, checking the same things on each website. i like my job, don’t get me wrong, but it does get monotonous. but anyway, i’ve been reading this book called There Is No Death, by Sarah Menet and it’s about her near-death experience. it’s been really interesting!!! she tells it with so many details. she actually committed suicide and tells that she could see the paramedics trying to revive her, she was watching from above the room, then she goes into a description of what she saw in the afterlife. she tells it like it just happened like last week. but it happened in the year 1979. she tells of future events that she saw. it’s really a page turner. anyway, i guess i’ll go to bed now. lol.

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