Husband’s Birthday is Coming Up

My husband’s 34th birthday is happening in 14 days. He was born on March 20th. I’m sure he already has a gift picked out and ordered for his birthday present so I won’t even go looking for anything for him. Lol!

Photo by Adam Gault at OJO Images

He always does that…picks out and orders his present that is FROM ME, like for Christmas. He wanted a drum set and found one on KSL Classifieds before I even agreed to get him one. His other huge purchase recently was a very large amplifier that he bought and I made him treat it like a few birthdays and Christmases since it was so costly. I think I should remind him about this rule since it’s only covered one Christmas and one birthday. It was in 2012 so I bet I could convince him it’s for this 2014 birthday too. Yes, I shall do that.


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