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A post was written earlier this month on how to get your pages spidered and indexed within hours on Google is a comprehensible database full of information all over the internet, right? So wouldn’t it be natural for them to want to grasp whatever the ‘hot trends’ are among the internet users? That’s exactly why pages with certain topics get indexed days earlier than other pages written about a not-so-trendy topic. Google wants to be the first and initial search engine users can access these ‘hot trends’ so they are constantly on the lookout for them. And the topics change constantly! You could check the hot trends one time during the morning and it’ll be completely different in the evening.

For example, I want to write a post on the Neutrogena wave that is making the Neutrogena brand popular. For drugstores and retail stores, Neutrogena has become the most popular brand for their cosmetic line. Many doctors and dermatologists encourage the use of Neutrogena’s products and therefore are promoting their low-cost brand. The average person may not have enough funds in the bank to consistently spend large sums solely for their skincare and/or makeup. People have to resort to the next best thing. In large retail stores, such as WalMart and Target, you will find that Neutrogena has a consistent fan base. Their products seem to prove the best results for any skincare brand among these low-cost retailers. And therefore, they naturally have become the ‘favorite’ among consumers. Sure they have great competition to work with, but it’s clear that Neutrogena will succeed any competition they go after for their target audience. I myself fully recommend the Neutrogena brand and I am merely an average consumer.

So now, let’s see how long it takes for this blog post to be spidered and indexed. I will keep watch and let you know when I notice it’s indexed by Google, just because it happens to be #23 on the ‘hot trends’ list.

Within TWELVE MINUTES, this page was spidered by Google.

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