Hearing Loss for a Three Year Old

Many of you don’t know that our son has significant hearing loss in one ear and mild hearing loss in his other ear. He is 3 years old and he wears hearing aids.

He got to choose the colors for his in-ear molds that attach to his hearing aids. He chose green, blue and white all swirled together. I think his favorite colors are green and blue. The lady we work with (she’s really awesome) suggested to swirl white by showing him a previous child’s ear mold and how cool it looked. She used this gum-like substance to insert into his ear canals to make the molds. He thought the gum substance was pretty cool. He got to create a ball out of the excess and it hardens on it’s own. Then she told us his molds and hearing aids would be ready in about 2-3 weeks. He chose a green colored hearing aid and the color looks great on him.

Since one of his ears has a more severe hearing loss, that ear has a larger aid that produces more power. His second aid is pretty small comparatively but they look similar since they are the same brand. The lady taught me how to put it in his ear and the proper way to take it out. She taught me about cleaning it every night – cleaning just the ear molds in a soapy water then letting it air dry overnight. She told me what actions to take if the hearing aids ever get wet. The aids came with a cool little pack with everything we need in it.


We can tell a difference in his volume control when he wears his hearing aids. The problem is getting him to want to wear them everyday and all day long, except for when he sleeps or naps. It hasn’t been a HUGE improvement for him being appropriately loud for every occasion but at least there is hope for his future.

He can be the LOUDEST kid I’ve ever known almost all the time and it’s because of his hearing loss. We also found out from a test called an ABR that this hearing loss had to have happened at birth and was likely a birth defect.

Anybody else have any experience with a youngster like ours and wearing hearing aids at a very young age?

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