Get Smarter at Home-Top Universities and Colleges for Distance Education


There are so many universities and colleges around the world which offer distance education, it can be tricky to decide which institution is best. I’m a big fan of ongoing education and love finding resources to keep learning from.

More and more people seem to be heading back to College or University to further their education. There are plenty of courses that can be done from a distance, which is a huge benefit if you are tied to one geographical area or don’t have time to commute back and forth to a course all the time. Today I’ll go over some of the top universities and colleges for ongoing distance education.

Each educational institution offers many different options, some of which are strictly virtual but most having campuses. Some schools offer courses with no admissions requirements and others are very strict with their admissions policies. Below are summaries of the top five schools for distance education to help you decide:

The Open University

Though based in the UK, it has partnerships with facilities throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, and states that they strive for the best education possible for their students, regardless of background or circumstances, and have no admission requirements. They have over 600 courses available from undergrad through research degrees. In addition to their fee-based courses, they offer certain free courses and materials through OpenLearn.

University of Phoenix

With 200 locations across the U.S., as well as world-wide online course offerings, the University of Phoenix claims they are the largest private university in the nation.

The curriculum is developed by experts in their field, but not all programs are available in full by distance learning. Tuition is quite expensive as this is a private university, but they offer many financial aid options. Courses are available from Associate degrees through doctorates.

The University of London

The University of London is the first university to offer online distance education courses, and they claim that the standard of learning is the same as those who physically attend at the institution.

Not only do they offer online distance learning, they have also partnered with universities around the world so that you can study in your locale, but still graduate from U of L. When doing so, however, not only would you have to pay your regular course fees, but also the fees to study in your area.

Athabasca University

As Canada’s Open University, Athabasca focuses on making the highest quality, barrier-free education available world-wide. They offer program and course enrollment virtually any time of the year for maximum flexibility.

They offer more than 750 courses and both undergrad and graduate programs. There is an extra cost for students living outside Canada, but course fees include most study materials and applicable student fees.

George Brown College

Also located in Canada, George Brown College offers a wide variety of courses and programs as part of their Continuing Education division. Because they offer full teacher feedback and support, they are known across North America as one of the top technical training institutions offering distance learning. George Brown offers many individual courses which can then be applied toward completion of their programs in business, health, law, I.T., manufacturing and others.

As seen above, the top universities and colleges for distance education all have one thing in common they offer world-class learning opportunities and the desire to keep their students connected. There are many other centres for distance education around the world each offering different benefits and options, so it is important for the student to thoroughly research to ensure his or her needs are met.

Do you have experience with a distance education course? Which school did you attend and what are your thoughts?

About the Author: Edwin is an avid fan of education and continued learning. He currently writes on behalf of robotics education course Edwin is a huge fan of ongoing learning and education.


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