Free Presents For Your Special Person That Worth A Fortune

Sometimes the dearest and the most treasured gifts are those you can give without spending a lot of money, even without spending a single dime. The reason is simple – all presents, even the tiniest ones, you give from your loving heart are priceless. Here is a list of some truly sweet, free and low cost present ideas! Enjoy the list and start giving these gifts today. They are free but worth a fortune!

1. Give a day of pampering. To make it official make a real gift certificate. A simple piece of paper with a list of services included in this day – like breakfast in bed, a back massage etc., – will be perfect! If you don’t want to give a whole day of pampering, give a coupon for an evening back massage, for example. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy a day of pampering in a beauty salon, if you can offer your own service, besides there is one thing that not even the most exclusive beauty salons in the world can give – and it’s your love and care! One of the best gifts boys can give to their girlfriends, a perfect gift idea that grandchildren can give to their grandparents, children to parents – in fact, this gift will be appreciate by anyone.

2. Write a poem or a little story about this person. How you give this present is up to you!

3. List 10 (or more) things you love about this person, in this way showing how special this person is.

4. Frame your hand print as a special memory gift from you. Great idea is to frame your children’ or pets footprints. They look really lovely!

5. Draw something that means a lot for both of you. Even if you can’t draw, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is your good thoughts and love you put in it.

6. Make a favorite song compilation CD. If you need interesting gift ideas for him, anniversary present for her, something unique in a special occasion – let the music say it all, and make a CD with this person’s favorite songs, make a little book inside with lyrics and pictures. This will be the only such a CD in the whole world, which makes this gift even more special.

7. Make your own unique jewelry from sea shells.

8. Leave interesting notes all around the house letting know that this person is always on your mind. Write a message on your bathroom mirror with lipstick or toothpaste.

9. Write a love letter. Leave it under a pillow or in a very special place. You can send your love letter by post. That will be a unexpected surprise!

10. And don’t forget about these wonderful presents like – give a hug and a kiss. Why not to do it all day long?! Show them your love!

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