Etiquette For My Stepsons

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be teaching etiquette to my stepsons on what to call their biological mother. The 5 yo asked two nights ago at dinner about his ‘old mom,’ meaning his biological mom whom he rarely sees anymore. I can tell he misses her and wants to spend more time with her but he is still learning the ways of differentiating between each mom and what to call us. Over a recent phone call with her, he’s called her ‘mother’ and she actually corrected him saying, “don’t call me mother, I’m your mom.” Not sure why she would refuse the mother title when she is one, but whatevs. The boys also call her by her first name then mom, so “(her first name)-mom” and I can tell she doesn’t like that either.

I think it’s ironic when I have so many bad things to think and say about her, that with the kids I have to refrain and teach them NICE things to say to their mom. So I teach them it’s not very nice to call someone an old mom or a new mom; just like it’s not nice to call someone fat. What a world we live in these days. Life is complicated anymore.

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