End of the 2014 School Year


Our 3 year-old finished his year of preschool last week and our 5 year-old graduated Kindergarten this past Wednesday. So proud of our boys.

Their birthdays are coming up. It’ll be the third birthdays I’ve spent with them since I met them (disclaimer: remember, they are my stepsons). 3 yo is wearing the clothes that the 5 yo used to wear when I came into the picture. Crazy, right?! It’s weird to look back at pictures of our beginning and see him in the old clothes then turn around and see the younger one wearing them today.

My husband and I have been married for almost two years. We’ll celebrate our 2 year anniversary in August. I’ve never been happier. Also, I’ve never been angrier at another human being before, meaning the kids drive me crazy often, but I wouldn’t change it. Being married and parenting are two of the best gigs I’ve ever had. I hope it stays this way.

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