Hey everyone! Here is my Card Idea Supplies page. Yay, I’m finally starting!

From my experience with creating cards for over ten years now, I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share with all the creative-seeking people out there. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have never received any complaints on my custom cards. 🙂

#1 – A Must Need (referred to as ‘MN’ from here on) is to get yourself a paper cutter! Those babies are so valuable! I use it for everything, cutting regular-weight paper, cutting cardstock, even as a ruler. I pull out my paper cutter every single time I make a card.

#2 – In my opinion, another MN is organization, however you want to arrange it. I use little drawers that you can pick up at any store, I went to Target for mine. I bought big enough drawers to hold all my supplies: started out with 3 paper-sized clear drawers where I put all my scrap paper (paper I’ve used/cut and want to hold onto for future use), all of my stamping equipment, my scissors and tape supplies, stickers or rub-on transfers I want to save, etc. I have since grown out of those initial drawers, I simply bought a new larger drawer to hold my 12 x 12 inch paper and it contains my paper cutter, a clipboard for easy card-making use, and other miscellaneous things I need.

#3 – Invest in colorful cardstock. I got mine from Costco, a great place for buying in bulk but you have to be a member to do so. I made sure to get the 12 x 12 size cardstock in case I wanted to make large sized cards, which I have made for businesses and co-workers to sign. You’d use a whole sheet and fold in half vertically, place something nice with whatever phrase you want on the front side (usually closer to the top of the card looks the best) and it allows for plenty of room for the entire business to sign the inside of the card for that special someone. The only hard issue I’ve found with these larger cards is creating an envelope, which I have done but haven’t mastered yet so I’m a little embarrassed to share how to make those at this time. 🙂

#4 – DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE is my best friend! I use it all the time and would be a great spokesperson for a tape company if they needed me to (wink, wink!). If you want your sayings to stand out, consider using foam tape or mounting tape. I love that stuff too; it helps to create the small but beautiful effect you were looking for.

#5 – Patterned paper is another of my essentials for cardmaking. I love using all the cutesy colorful patterned paper that scrapbook stores supply. I usually get my vision for a card from whichever patterned cardstock paper I decide to use at the moment. Then I base all colors around that pattern.

#6 – Markers. Now you may be thinking, “Aren’t markers a little juvenile for this kind of idea?” And I would say: They are the inexpensive way to get the stamp-ink effect on the edges of your paper. You can use a simple colored marker to get that effect just as well as a stamp pad. So I say, go the cheap route!

#7 – Musical notes sheet paper. I recently saw this done in a magazine and fell in love with this idea of using musical notes within your card design! I have a bunch of sheet music lying around my house so I just copy it onto a colored paper and cut out what I want to use out of it for my cards. Since I’m not using the entire song of sheet music, I don’t believe there’s any legal issue with borrowing their sheet music. Unless there’s something I don’t know? Anybody is welcome to comment and let me know the law regarding sheet music.

Hmm, well those are my basics for now, I’ll continue to update this page as other needs come up. So keep checking back for any updates.

Dive into the artistic side that you may be hiding and start creating your own masterpieces. Enjoy the creative process of custom cardmaking! And as always, thanks for reading!