Bah Humbug

I think the holidays suck. Ever since I grew up to be an adult I haven’t had a good Christmas yet.

Sure, when you’re a kid you enjoy Christmas. As an adult with responsibilities and finances to worry about, IT SUCKS.

I think we listen to Christmas music just to help ease the pain of our negative balance on our credit cards. I think that’s the only soothing thing during the holidays. You have stress from families wanting to get together, stress from buying gifts for kids who really won’t be appreciative anyway, stress from the husband because of his overspending, and stress of decor in your house that the cats think they can climb like a real tree outside and they use the ornaments as cat toys. The Christmas music is the ONLY thing getting me through this time of year.

So bah humbug to everyone. Happy holidays. Go fly a kite. And please take all the presents back that are for me. I’d prefer cash instead so I don’t feel so broke from my kids’ presents.

Oh, and can we discuss how Santa has all the letters of the name Satan, just jumbled all up? Ever notice that? I think Satan wants us to have a terrible Christmas and ruin our families.


I think we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas. Put Christ back into Christmas.


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