How’s it going everyone? My name is Marci (you can contact me on my Contact page) and I have learned a lot about card making by being creative and seeking out new ideas. I am in no way an expert or professional card-maker, but my cards always make the recipient smile. I grew up in Northern California, the Bay Area, in a town called Pleasanton. I loved living there and love my parents who raised me well and my family who stays by me unconditionally. I moved to Provo area in Utah for college and haven’t moved away yet. I am being pretty busy and somehow I want to squeeze in enough time to keep this website alive. I hope I can do it. Right now, it’s still the beginning, but I have awesome ideas in the works. You should brace yourself for what will happen next on this site. I might even impress you! 🙂

So I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy putting my time and heart into it. I’d be honored to have you become a regular visitor. Spread the word, this custom cards site is the bizzomb! LOL.